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DCU 220

Workshop-oriented tester and diagnostics center: Convertible PC DCU 220

Developed especially for workshop use, the robust DCU 220 (Diagnostic Control Unit) controls Bosch test and diagnostic systems, e.g. FSA 500 or the modules from the KTS series. As a convertible PC, the DCU 220 combines the features of a notebook with those of a tablet PC to facilitate flexible and comfortable working, especially under workshop conditions.


When used as a tablet PC, the touchscreen ensures flexible and convenient work. In conjunction with a keyboard, the DCU 220 lends itself to being used as a notebook for any kind of office work, such as the quick and easy entry of customer data.

Carefully thought out details make operation easier:

  • Easy switch from tablet to notebook mode

  • Easy handling with arrangeable hand grip on the back of the device

  • Sturdy housing with 11.6" touchscreen monitor

  • Integrated camera: conspicuous features of the vehicle can be documented and the required spare parts photographed

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