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KTS 350

The new KTS 350 is a compact all-in-one tester consisting of a 10-inch tablet PC and an integrated communication module.

Thanks to this versatile solution, the KTS 350 is ideally suited as a tester for independent workshops, fast fitter or as a second device for mobile use. With the preinstalled Bosch diagnostic application ESI[tronic] 2.0, the KTS 350 provides an efficient overall package for control unit diagnosis, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair.

The benefits of the KTS 350 at a glance: 


  • In addition to all of today’s standard vehicle interfaces, it even supports the new, Ethernet-based interfaces and is therefore perfectly prepared for the future demands of the automotive environment.

  • The KTS 350 supports the PassThru-Technology. This allows you to reprogram the control units via the portals of the vehicle manufacturers according to Euro 5/6.

  • Thanks to the improved processor and modern SSD technology a quick system start and efficient working is possible. You gain valuable time in your daily work life

  • The KTS 350 is equipped with Windows 10 which allows installation of additional applications. It allows easy integration into your existing workflows.


The KTS 350 is a mobile all-round solution and by modern technology a worthwhile investment in the future.

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